Retail & Consumer Goods

The existing financial decline has resulted in momentous pressures for retailers to trim down expenses and amplify revenue while improving buyer profits and allegiance. Frontium Infotech's BPO solutions can help out ease these stress. Numerous studies confirm a elevated relationship among customer experience and loyalty, and the majority retail organizations repeatedly appraise how to enhance their buyer contact models in order to generate an exciting union. However, after making marvelous investments to amplify profitability, decrease price, and increase competitiveness - customer loyalty can remain elusive.
Frontium Infotech facilitate retailers appreciate the "VOC," then manage outsourced solutions designed to carry measureable outcome including maximizing the customer affiliation. Frontium Infotech's retail outsourcing solution cover merchandising, store operations and CRM. We combine IT and process outsourcing to deliver optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our retail services include store specific solutions, customer centric solutions, portal support, etc. 
Frontium Infotech's team has inclusive business knowledge in chief global-markets. Our potential and best practices, developed over the time, in the Business Process Outsourcing field has aid the Manufacturing and Consumer Products Industry to thrive in mounting uppermost consistently and increasing shareholder value. Epicenter believes that higher overall customer service quality leads to customer satisfaction which leads to repurchase intention, customer retention, positive word-of-mouth and increased usage. This in turn leads to improved profitability and other financial outcomes.
We have over 300+ associates servicing a wide array of processes in the realm of Customer Service, Tele-sales, Email support, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, B2B interactions with dealers, Appointment setting etc. Our Multi-lingual support capabilities assist us in catering to a diverse pool of our client's customer base. Our Technical Support team is provided superior training to Troubleshoot over the phone thereby reducing the likelihood for an Engineer to visit the customer and thus reduce cost on logistics and avoid costly unnecessary replacements.